The not-a-good-idea Talk about Being Smart

Intelligence: the gift turned curse that a lot of us fail to effectively use because we’re horrible assholes without purpose
Intelligence, in the easiest definition, is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.Then, to make things more interesting with details, it is also defined by the capacity of someone’s understanding towards the surroundings. Well, I call it the shit that confuses a lot of people.
The thing about intelligence is that the more complex one’s brain is, the less capable this particular homo sapien is to comprehend others. The IQ distribution is that of a pyramid, that the number of participants decreases as it goes up. The higher one’s IQ scores is, the less people one can relate to or connect with. This, by far, is the most annoying tragedy ever found in brilliant minds. When one is smart, one sees less desire to fill in time with social interactions. The mind goes to so many different places and ideas that it holds less space for unimportant matters.
The loner syndrome, aka the subtly fucked up priorities that exclude social life 
Kids with brilliant minds do not see the need to win approvals from others. When other children drown in relationships and interactions, these strange creatures find their ways to their passions and interests. In most cases, their passions and interests are not people; it is possible that people’s behaviors could be an interest, but to them people are just hosts to more fascinating things.
These children settle happily with books, where they can find things that fascinate them. By the time they’re old enough to know what is a and b, they realize that there are limits to what their friends and families can tell them. Thus, books, which provide answers to their ever growing questions, become their friends. To many, these children seem anti social or “weird” and it is only expected because again, the higher one’s intelligence is, the less people one can make connections with.
Let me make this clear: despite looking like loners, these children are not lonely. They are accompanied by books and interests that are far more intriguing than what most people can offer them. They are more than just loners, they are creepy loners.
The case of the screwed up kids with high IQ 
A lot of people who have been labeled “stupid” are actually those who possess high IQ scores. Shame, I’d say, since just imaging the good changes they could’ve done hurts my head. Sometimes, intelligence is such a tricky factor in determining what your child is going to do in life. People’s interests vary, in the most bizarre manner. A brainiac could live a humble life, doing something that everyone else without much brain powers could do. Then go home to books and news, absorbing knowledge in the speed of Zoom and never letting it out in public. Again, fucked up priorities.
Or a highly intelligent kid could grow up manipulating everyone else less calculating, and end up leading a group or becoming a center of influence. Or a brilliant mind could pretend to be “stupid” to get what is needed, and invest in building up a false image in milking cash from left and right. There are so many brilliant people, scattered all over the world, doing different kinds of things with focus power that could’ve done more good to discoveries. If only. However, that would be the case of a perfect world. In a perfect world, a kid with gifts would be used to serve or create, so that potentials wouldn’t go wasted. This world, on the other hand, is shit.
However, in most cases, children with high IQ scores find it hard to call any place “home.” They can’t truly belong to a group because groups or social institutions are rule based, whereas the broader minds hold too many questions for any institution to answer. They can be scattered everywhere, doing all kinds of things that “everyone else” would be doing, but they know that their inner minds are not satisfied with just basics.
The mind maps that work like layers of Dante’s Inferno and sets of equations that have to make sense
Many smart pants question religions. I your child starts questioning your religion at early age, don’t start berating. Start challenging, and investigating. Chances are, your child is a genius or an overthinker. Either way, the mind of this child is some place only Indiana Jones can survive.
In religions, people are led by faiths and beliefs. The whole notion of “don’t see but believe” crap charmed people into submission. It works, of course, since most people fall under the base of a pyramid. Their minds don’t branch further, and they accept what they can take. In a way, religions speak to many people because they are easily understood, and easily backed up by holy books written by men.
Those in the higher bricks of the pyramid question, unfortunately, and challenge religions. They build equations, based on facts that they’ve been given, and they end up with a big question mark as their answer. When religions cannot answer this question mark, they revolt. It isn’t because they are evil or whatever shit religious leaders call it, but because these people’s minds work in a way that can’t allow them to simply accept. Of course, those who decided to shut down the minds and listen to only the heart can finally break free from the curse of intelligence and live the zen life of being a religious person. However, plenty of these people simply cannot shut the minds up.
Religion is only one example, sadly. In other things, a smart kid questions and challenges. This is why some rebellions happen when you’re dealing with a child smarter than most. And the only way to stop these child? Give them the correct answers.
But of course most fuckers can’t.
And the worst part about these minds, is that it is like the map of Dante’s Inferno. With every questioning without answers, the fire burns hotter. Like they say, “Curiosity can kill a cat.” Curiosity can screw up a lot of great minds.
Smart minds are ofttimes socially awkward and it’s so sad to watch 
There are people who see equations in relationships and it’s sad. Not to say that I’m not one of them. They observe patterns in social interactions and create equations that will best fit their situations and the people they encounter. For instance, a smile to a stranger = a smile back.
Of course, not everything is that simple.
Or a kind act = gratitude + give and take rule = a favor in the future.
Polite manners + kind words + a lot of smiles + somewhat quiet = no reason to hate you but a potential like by at least 75% (25% is a question mark since being quiet might be considered “rude” or perhaps if lucky, “Shy”)
Then, one functions according to the textbook definitions of norms in social interactions. However, social life never turns out the same way patterning in Batik does. They question “Why does this person hate that person even though there is no bad blood?” or “Why did this person do this horrible thing to someone else?” or “Why is he nice to that person who’s been mean to him?” because they simply cannot accept the no-sense equations and answers.
This advanced mind then becomes disadvantaged in even the simplest social skill tests. It’s truly painful to watch too. I mean, social life is a fucking trap.
A brilliant mind is a Fortress of Solitude
Superman goes back there every now and then, right? It’s in the middle of nowhere that most people can’t reach, and most of the time he’s there alone. I mean, he’s an alien stuck on Earth, of course he’s alone. And that is how brilliant minds are too.
Their minds are somewhere most minds can’t reach or understand, and in their being unreadable, they are truly alone. It is hard to see it as much as a gift than to accept it merely as a curse. Imagine having a loud mind that moves faster than your colleagues while trying to hold back your words to not be the big know-it-all asshole in the room. Imagine trying to act as ‘normal’ as you can, spurting out ‘easily understood’ words and phrases so that you don’t sound like a pathetic Encyclopedia. Or trying to dumb down because you know there is no way the others will smart up to your level. All just so that one can fit in somewhere.
And in the end, brilliant minds got stuck in the zone of the first few chapters of Superman. Are you Clark or are you Superman? Are you a Kryptonian or are you human? Where is your home? How are you going to hide your abilities so that the others will accept you as one of them?
The final thought of this horribly written and redundantly long essay 
Being smarter than most is a gift, a very annoying one. It allows people to see through and past a lot of basics that most settle with. It allows your mind to travel to places that to others look like the “unlocked chapters: come back in 60 hours” on Candy Crush. It allows you to understand everything and nothing at the same time, one being things with perfect equations and the other with unpredictable outcomes. It is, in the strangest possible, normal, and despite my best effort in trying to fight this shit, I got to accept it.
And probably just live my life as, while letting others with similar cases to as well, an unbearable smart asshole.

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